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Sunday, March 24, 2013

we made it and it is just a smidge hot here!

WOW!  105 degrees has never felt hotter! I cannot believe the progress that has been made the past year! The last time I blogged about Honduras, we had built a well and one house.  Now there are 16 houses and they are FABULOUS!!!    Yesterday we spent the day  building houses. We dug ditches for the footing of the houses, tied rebar, mixed concrete and poured it...needless to say, we were dehydrated and absolutely EXHAUSTED by the time that we made it to Copprome childrens home for our Easter egg hunt!  We made the mistake of  allowing the older children to hunt with the younger ones and they filled their bags and left none for the little ones!  AND they were NOT going to share what they found, so we had to open a few more bags of candy for the little bitties!
Kim Nunn (the master story teller) shared with the children how they would hunt for the eggs in the grass ( little hidden treasures) but that  THEY  are a TREASURE to Christ!  you could see the light bulbs go off in their heads as she spoke of His love for was a sweet sweet blessing to my heart.
While in Olivos i has the blessing of visiting a man that just had surgery.  He just returned from 5 days in the hospital from hernia surgery.  As he lay on his bed in his new HOUSE, tears stung my eyes as i thought how much easier his recovery will be in a home where rain will not pour in on him and the heat will be less from the cool concrete instead of hot metal panels propped against each other.  As we prayed over him, I could feel the Holy Spirit in his house.  My heart felt so full.
I have only been here a day and a half and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness that God has allowed me and my family to have a small part in helping here in Honduras.  The compassion that I feel in my heart for these families is SO divine.  Compassion is not one of my gifts ( i will freely admit it:()  BUT, when I am in the village working alongside these people and holding a child on my hip, I LOVE them and it can only be divine because I do not KNOW them.
Joshua is doing great.  He has been REALLY HOT, but other than that, has has made many friends.  I was lecturing him on the way here about how he has to stay close so I do not lose him and he very bluntly said " mom, dont worry!  Ill be the little brown boy running around!" now that we are here, he has discovered that there are quite a few "brown boys" running around!!
We are now heading to the pool with all of the children from the childrens home...pray that we will continue to minister to the families in the village and that we can give these children of Copprome long lasting love!



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