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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Josie love's valentines banquet

I have to say that i giggled so much tonight i have a headache. When I say that this little girl makes me laugh, it is an understatement. Josie's new school has an annual "Kindergarten Valentines Banquet" and it is the REAL DEAL. These kids looked like they were dressed for Easter...FANCY FANCY. (I missed the memo:) I knew it was suppose to be "dressy", but one little boy was wearing a tux! NO JOKE!! I met a few new moms and dads and all of Josie's friends. Every child there knows her by name I think....which TOTALLY makes me smile.

Josie's teacher told me that the other teachers ask her all the time if Josie is ALWAYS smiling like they see her in the hall. She said "I say yes! the child is the happiest child alive!" A friend described her by saying "she has HIS spirit all over her, like she's still in heaven or something." When I took her to Vandy a few days ago the "vitals nurses" fight over who is going to get her when they see her folder. Our IFD nurse said that her doctor (Uncle Wilson) just grins from ear to ear when he knows she is coming. They all say that she is a BRIGHT SPOT in their day.
Okay, I just HAD to post this video of her class singing. Listen real close and when they start saying their letters, you'll hear a delayed voice calling out each letter.....GUESS WHO!?!?! I WAS DYING!!!! She's in the far left corner..i wish it was closer, so you could see her facial expressions.

It's days like today that my body is aching and i cannot wait to lay my head on my pillow. Yet, my heart is SO FULL that i can hardly sleep. I am so thankful for my life here on earth. Each and EVERY SINGLE day I get a little glimpse of heaven. WOW, i am so blessed.


Julie said...

Oh that was precious! Loved the video and her sweet little voice!

Anna said...

She is so cute:)I love the video!

Erin Hall said...

This made my heart smile, and happy tears fall. She is such a light. You are very blessed.

The Stewarts said...

Well, that is the sweetest video ever! Made me smile and giggle! :-)

Thanks for sharing,

Michelle Stewart

Stacy said...

How precious! And her little dancing at the end!! Too sweet! God is GOOD!!!

Andrea said...

You are indeed blessed! :)

BumbersBumblings said...

She is soo beautiful!! What a fun event!!

Carpe Diem said...



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