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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

David Platt/Katie Davis

thanks for all of the gluten free recipes! I'm hoping to make all of your yummy suggestions sometime soon!

My weekend has been filled with Homecoming game, get together for Katie, Homecoming dance, after-party at my house, fundraiser for Katie, a trip to Birmingham, and fall break starting. I was so proud of my daughter Grace. She and a few friends were determined to get up and travel after being up late for Homecoming.( a few pics for you!) We spent Sunday in at David Platt's church because Katie was speaking. Afterwards, we had lunch with his sweet wife Heather. My belief that behind every good man, there is a FABULOUS woman...proved to be true! She is an ANGEL! Gwen and I have been friends with her via Facebook. It was such a blessing for our hearts to weave together another layer of friendship face to face, since we all hold the same love and passion for what life should hold while living here on earth. We are praying her to China as soon as possible to bring her sweet baby home!

You would think as busy and as exhausting as my weekend was that I would walk away depleted. It was just the opposite, while my body is weary, my cup is so full! David's sermon was so challenging. He spoke about our first step being salvation. Our destination being the Father and not heaven. The second step is the HOLY SPIRIT, being filled with Him and me using my gifts for His glory. He explained that the fathers must go first, and the rest of the house will follow. in our society, fathers have lost their way. the abundance of materialism has led to pride, and through pride our minds get clouded of what His will is for us rather than what "we" have accomplished. Our "gifts" become forgotten and ignored and we try to thrive within ourselves instead of how we were made to serve and using our gifts. He then, challenged us to simplify our lives so that we can focus on what HE is calling us to do and BE in life. Is it to increase my giving? calling me to sell something? leading me to sacrifice? serve nearby? serve on the other side of the world? short-term? long- term? ABANDON my life to Him.

I really can't do his sermon justice. His passion is so contagious, I walked out of the sanctuary wanting to sell or give everything I have away. FOR HIS GLORY, so that I might not be clouded with materialism so that I can see my calling and gifts CLEARLY. Katie explained that if you look around at your circumstances, you get TOTALLY overwhelmed with all of the needs. Her goal is to see the ONE that is standing in front of her, help that ONE, then take the next step to see the next person that is in her path. His manna is only good for ONE day, it is ruined by tomorrow. We have no guarantees for the future or the next day, only for TODAY.

Gwen and I fly out Thursday to Arizona for the Together for Adoption conference. Pray for the families that will be there to open their hearts to what God has for each of them and they will be MOVED into action on behalf of the least of these! Pray for our families while we are gone:)

I had multiple people approach me and tell me how much my blog ministers to their heart. It was SUCH a blessing. Thanks for your encouragement!


mrs.stinnett said...

I just listened to David Platt and Katie - and I am going to go through all my stuff and my kids stuff and give it to the local womens shelter!!! Thank you so much for sharing and letting us participate with you serving our AMAZING God!!!

Anonymous said...

your blog ministers to so, so many hearts (like mine!!) who don't share that fact with you often enough, i'm so glad that you were blessed with encouragement this weekend and that your cup was filled. suzanne, you are such an inspiration!

Kim said...

where can we hear a podcast of David and Katie?

I am a follower of Christ greatly encouraged by both Katie and David ....


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