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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is Good!

all three little ones fell fast asleep all on top of me....with some maneuvering, I was able to slip out and snuggle them under some blankets

The child LOVES the water, she kicks and squeals the whole time she is in it...hilarious!

Mama's big girls...these two would stay on the tube for hours if they didn't have to share!
Exploring all of the buttons, knobs and screens...

I often think about Josie's life up until we brought her home. I am so thankful that she was in a children's home that had loving caretakers. It was clean and had a HUGE yard so the children can run and play all afternoon. My niece from India never even left the small little room that they found her in...NEVER the light of day.....I do not EVEN know how to process that.

We spent the weekend at our cabin. I couldn't wait to see how Josie would transition into a new bed, not to mention just all of the new things she was was about to experience. When the boat motor started she sat quietly taking it all in. As the breeze began to blow into her face she was ALL SMILES. She sat on her knees looking out over the side of the boat for hours. At one point I saw a big cherry sucker in her hand, breeze blowing in her face, and listening to the music that was playing. I couldn't help but think..."LIFE IS GOOD!"

You see, even though the children's home had a large yard for her to play, she never was able to walk, much less run and play. I have visions of her just sitting on that mat, in that big beautiful yard. I wonder... why? Why didn't she TRY to walk or run? Was it because she was too weak? Was she just ALWAYS sick? At four years old, why didn't she try? I do not have the answers, but I cannot help but wonder.

She asks me on a regular basis..."Mom, I go with you?" "Mom, I stay with you?" She GETS IT....she KNOWS what it feels like to have a mommy and a daddy and she doesn't ever NOT want to EVER have one EVER again. This sweet little angel just needed a home, a mommy, daddy, 3 sisters and 3 brothers to make her want to live. To make her want to walk, run, sing, and LOVE life the way that she does. We all learn from HER how to love, laugh, and most of all LIVE life to its fullest.

It seems that since our journey to Uganda and hearing that Josie Love is HIV+, I spend a lot of my time just wondering. I do not try to figure things out, because I know that He has His mighty hand on my life. But I can't help to wonder how many other children are out there? How many that are labeled significant "special needs" but are perfectly normal. The only thing that is broken is their heart? How many would start walking after just being home for a week? How many would ask "Mom, I go with you?"

When Gwen and I are trying to solve all of the orphan problems of the world while on the treadmills, she reminds me that there will ALWAYS be orphans. She tells me that it is biblical..."there will always be orphans".....yea, yea, whatever...can't we still try? If we all lock arms and just heal one broken heart at a would HAVE to work..right? While I keep wondering and probably never know all of the answers, I want those of you that have THOUGHT about helping the broken hearted to know that I am praying FERVENTLY every day that He bring you to your knees so that you will ask "which one? which one Lord? Take me to them so that that child can show YOU how to love, laugh, and most of all LIVE!

I am so thankful that I have such a sweet husband that has walked this journey with me. I am so thankful that we have watched our family grow bigger and better than we could have EVER imagined. He is the best father that I could have ever dreamed imaginable for my kiddos...Happy Father's Day Mike!




Unknown said...

oh, dear. tears here. i had similar thought about our clay today. knowing that 1 year ago yesterday he was rescued and brought to an orphanage. i will be forever grateful that they, too, had a yard to play and room to roam, but he couldn't even pull up when i met him at 1 year old. now he runs and plays with his 4 sisters and does the same joy/squealing/HAPPY in the water that you describe with josie. [i posted a video yesterday of it.] =)
anyway, i couldn't help but think of how different 1 year ago was and how he is home now and flourishing in LOVE.
i, too, pray that more and more will ask "which one, Lord?" and i'm praying it myself now.
thank you, suzanne. i'm so glad you're blogging.

praying for gwen. wednesday...let it be, Lord!!!

Kim said...

Another powerful, truth filled and beautiful post.
We are coming home for five weeks on July 2nd.
I am looking to crash an adoption fellowship gathering and soak up some joy from my hometown girls who get it.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Renee said...

I don't often comment (have I ever? LOL) but just had to let you know this post really resonated with me. We brought home our son 4 months ago from Ethiopia at 11 months old. We waited for him a long time. God used that time to show me how many older children are waiting for families, and he has shown me that it can work. One of the ways he has shown me is through blogs like yours. I have watched people, regular people, all over the country, on their journey as they've brought older children into their families.
The Lord has shown me that yes, my family *could* do this. But *I* am scared. And my poor husband, I'm not sure I'll ever convince him. I have to remind myself that I can't see the future. I don't know what God is doing in his heart. We don't have to decide NOW. I'm the type of person who likes to have things decided, but God keeps reminding me to live in the NOW and trust him. So I'm trying.

That was really rambly and you probably think I'm a nut. I probably am! I need more coffee.

Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you for being faithful, and for being a shining example of being open to God's will for your family.

Unknown said...

Suzanne - my heart is right there with you. Praising God for the life Josie Love now has and will have forever! Praising GOD for men like our husbands and knowing God is working it out in the lives of others because you share all that you do!

Praying with you that Gwen is coming home!

Enjoy your trip to Disney! can't wait to see photos of that!

Love and blessings,

The Stums said...

Suzanne, we have a few families in our lives who are exploring adoption, and I'm so sending this post to them. If you can do it, if your SIL can do it, and if thousands of others can do it... who can't?? We should travel to India in 6-7 weeks to bring our child labeled "special needs" home, and I'm willing to bet it all that his most special need is a FAMILY--a daddy, a mama, and crazy fun brothers who are ready to pour out all we have for him and therefore, HIM.

Jim and April said...

thanks SO much for sharing this! I could have just bawled as I read about Josie! Thanks for this post, b/c it tugs on my heart for the "special needs" ones like you said! After we get our call to pick up our baby at the hospital here in the states, I want to start the journey for the next adoption in Uganda and this blog post of yours reminded me that I already need to be praying for the next one and for God to give us the child He would have for us! Thanks friend!

Beautiful Mess said...

life is good! Thank you for being an inspiration

Jill said...

I so love this post, I think, we as adoptive parents, that we never want to be where we were before our adopted children became ours because now WE are able to run, walk, live with more joy than we ever could imagine and with each time we trust God more and step out on faith to what He has for us the more we live life to the fullest and grow closer to God and know this is what this life is all about. I just wish the blind would see and reap the blessing of grace through adoption. Praying for you and Gwen and your families!

Jenn in GA said...

beautiful post, girlfriend! keep prayin'; we are open but have no steady income. it really has my hubby down. he thinks he made a fateful decision 6 years ago and that we'll never recover financially. we know God is able, if He wants, to make us able. enjoy the summer!

John and Sarah said...

I love reading all your posts. You and your family are an inspiration. My husband and I are moving to Guatemala and plan on adopting many kids as soon as possible. Yours and Gwen's blog is so encouraging and such a good reminder, every time I start thinking selfishly, that we are commanded to care for the orphans. Thank you for following His will.

woosterweester said...

Hi Suzanne,
I'm not sure that I've ever left you a comment before, but your story sure has moved me. I found your site a few months ago via Lucy Lane's. I now proudly support a 147 million orphans shirt and Ugandan beads.:) My husband and I have a strong desire to adopt, and the part of this post that hit me the most was where you said you are praying that people would fall to their knees and ask God which one, which child needs a home. Please don't stop praying that prayer! We have felt the stirring sooo much this year. Temporarily our adoption journey is put on hold as we are due with a new little one in November. But we have contacted AGCI and are praying about the moving forward/timing. But this has been our prayer, "Which one? Who? From where Lord?" Through blogs like yours we have become more and more softened...and open to a special needs child. We know God has the perfect one or ones for us! Your wonderful heart and story have reached all the way to Oregon and I believe we are being affected by your prayers.:) Just thought you'd be encouraged to know!
Much love,


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN to that!!! I would love to just bring them all home myself, but I know I can't possibly house and feed that many....but it doesn't hurt to dream.

I pray anyone who "doesn't think they can" will try to imagine- just one......maybe more. God will give you strength, and it is soooo much more of a blessing than anyone can imagine!!!

Diane said...

I'm right with you on "yeah, yeah, whatever" :)

It is also Biblical...
"I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take COURAGE, I have CONQUERED the WORLD." John16:33

I am standing on this verse, I also wondered how we could ever end the orphan crisis....we can't but the Holy Spirit can...I'm thinking positive right beside you, Suzanne!! He has conquered the world!!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me. My Hubby and I have already adopted from here, she is my Heaven here on earth. I dearly want another. I have been drawn to all these blogs about adopting children overseas and here! Our daughter is 2years and 4 months. My husband is worried about our age we are 43 and 44, but I know in my heart I could handle another. Maybe older perhaps a 3 to 4 year old. Is it selfish I don't know but why does it keep getting put in front of me why do I feel this ache? Why? Also once again Josie Love and you and your family have brought me to tears, of Joy! O she is such a sweet little princess "God love her" and you and your sweet family! :)

Jenay said...

I loved this post!! I have already fallen on my knees and asked which one, and through a wonderful series of events that could have ONLY been God, my husband...who wasn't really on board with the adoption idea...well, God alone changed his heart and my hubby found the one...a precious 9 yr old girl. Now we are praying for God to make a way, finances are looking impossible, but we know God can change that too, so we are believing and praying for God to make a way!

Kelly said...

I have been blessed by your blog many times. We have started a blog and are trying to spread the adoption call. Challanging readers to get real with their heavenly Father and ask "is this what you have for me, let me be your hands and feet, let me reach and love those that have no family, let me lead them to you!" What a privilege!! Gwen O. and you have done that with such grace and passion and have set the bar high. But His calling on my family's life has been clear and real. we go!! Thank you for your example and for your willingness to share and encourage. Blessings on your family!!

Anonymous said...

Josie Love is truly an angel! Every time I think of her, I cannot help smiling! She is the sweetest miracle I have ever met! The Holy Spirit is present in the Mayernick house!

Nancy--Starting to get "crazy" said...

Thank you for this beautiful post! And for your hard work and inspiration to so many. Keep praying for others, too! I bet you'll all have a blast at Disneyworld--everyone is a kid there!! :)

Laurel said...

Just found your blog. (Well, actually, think I found it right after you started it ... but then lost it.) Look forward to reading more about your precious family.

Loved this post!

Laurel :)


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