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Thursday, March 18, 2010

In March, we went to the beach for spring break. It was not real warm, but the sun was shining and it had been a LONG, COLD, GRAY winter for me. Josie Love had the time of her life and I think it is sinking in...."I'm not going back to Africa and where ever these crazy people go, I am going also. " She seems to be excited about it, smiling constantly and exploring every moment of every day. We took Anna Mitchell with us to be an "extra set of hands". AND BOY WAS SHE A BLESSING! Over Christmas she had a project for school where she had to "shadow" a person for a day. Guess who she chose? Yep! My loco life. And she chose to do it on a weekend that Mike was out of town for work. I thought I'd share the video.


Jenn in GA said...

sweet woman, the video link did not come through!


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