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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pixy Stix and Lolly Pops

It's uncle scott - more about the treats in a minute.  The morning started out great.  The girls were up around 6:30 and by 7:15 they were at the door and ready for their 1/2 mile walk to school.  Twelve of the fourteen girls walked Mike, Suzanne and me to school.  I assumed they needed assistance but of course it was us grown ups who needed to be guided to St. Moses school.  The good news was the three of us made it back home without getting lost.  

Early this afternoon Katie, Mike, Suzanne, Grace and Michael took off on a six hour drive to Kenya.  The Mayernick family has been sponsoring a young man there named Calvin for years and they finally get a chance to meet him in person.  They will be returning late tomorrow night.  Well by now you can probably begin to understand the "Pixy Stix and Lolly Pops."  Yes as soon as mommy Katie hit the road it was like the grandparents (Anna, Landon, Mallory and me) got a chance to spoil their grandchildren.  We had so much fun today.  

We stayed outside the whole afternoon.  There was singing (worship songs that the children led in their sweet little voices), dancing (and I mean dancing 'til you drop), jump rope competitions, volley ball and soccer games.  My favorite was when Landon was kicking the soccer ball all the way over the house with the children  trying to catch it/find it after the first bounce or two.  Needless to say we attracted numerous neighborhood friends for the "carnival" that had come to town.  And yes the afternoon was not complete without Pixy Stix and Lolly Pops.  I am certain that most if not all of the children had never experienced tearing into a Pixy Stix and enjoying the sweet sugar on their tongues.  Some of the younger children missed their mouths completely and they ended up with blue, orange and red faces.  I think we all caught a glimpse of what it must be like to to "grandparents" for a day.  

Well it is around 9:20 on Mon evening and all of the children are in bed - yes they we did also manage to feed and bath them and say a sweet bedtime prayer.  

I am thankful at this for a wonderful day and the joy we will have tomorrow and we get another chance to do it all over again.

Blessing and good night from uncle scott


Oatsvall Team said...


What a fun day you must have had ... I can totally see you guys sneaking in the house as Katie left and tearing open all the goodies and just having a field day ... Please give out a few extra hugs and prayers for me ... I can't wait for my trip, so I can see all that God has in Uganda and to of course Hug Katie and all her kids !!!

love you all !!!

Small Stones said...

I look forward to reading Katies posts EVERY day! Sometimes I check her blog more than once! However, because she has her hands so full it must be SO difficult for her to find time to post. Having you all there to help her has been wonderful for her, I am sure. But it has also been wonderful for us here in America to get a new blog every day...sometimes more than one! Thank you for sharing your experiences on this blog with all of us in America who are praying for you and wondering every second how you are doing and how Katie and all of the children are. THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

Hello, my peeps! Don't think my lack of a post indicates a lack of prayer...just a lack of internet access! I have read through all your posts and I feel soo many emotions I don't even know what to write! Michael and Grace, I have always been so proud of all my nieces and nephews, regardless of what you do, but can I just say my heart swells as I look at your pictures, read your stories, tears welling and falling, I don't know if proud is really the right word, but maybe full. My heart is full seeing you there, play with them for me. Hug them for me. I cannot tell you how much I wish I could join you :-) Michael, your first comment made me laugh out loud! Mike, Suz and everyone else, know I am praying for you, fighting for you, and okay, a little jealous. You are precious to me and can't wait to hear first hand all the Papa God has done on your behalf! Love you!

Love, Aunt Mandy, aka your sister aka person praying for the other people that don't know me

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody! It filled my heart with so much joy to read about your day and your experiences with the children. Tell Anna we got her e-mail and were so glad to hear from her. We continue to pray and wait expectantly for the next chapter in the Lord's story from Uganda!
Love to all,
Anna's Mom

kimberly said...

uncle scott and mallory- what a fulfilling day you had today! nothing much like NEW YORK CITY! i cannot wait to hear your stories when you return home. know that what you are doing for these children and katie is remarkable. my hope is that you both know how very special you both are to our family. to live with your passion to follow the Lord is something to learn from. again, love you both and wish you many happy pixie stik days with the children!!! aunt kim


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